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Vlad Studio Ross Studio specializes in creating images of commercial orientation. We do advertising and subject photography for catalogs, brochures, online stores. Studio photography of a product can take place on a film set, and with use of field lighting kit photographic equipment. In our photo Studio has all the necessary equipment to solve any problems in product photography or advertising photography. In the Studio the client does not need to be present and to waste your time, just bring the goods with the technical specifications.

If you are interested in object photography in your territory,

Our field Studio is always ready to come to the customer for all types of photography. From small items and food to major appliances and clothing.

Visiting a photo Studio can be deployed on almost any site, with your own lighting will not affect the results. However, there are limitations associated with the size of the area, the walls and the amount of equipment that a photographer can bring your own. Most often, photographing on the road is possible. If you are not convenient to come to the Studio, please request the technical conditions for shooting your product, stock or other room.

* If shooting away, and the party to 50 of the goods by value added export Studio lighting and substage 3 thousand rubles.

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